The New Board of Learners

‘The community of learners is a holistic understanding of the various people related to Green School who altogether contribute through learning, teaching, educating and creating impact to the overall goal and mission of Making Our World Sustainable.’

It is my privilege and pleasure to support the establishment of the Board of Learners 2019-20. The first and most important step in this process is to establish a membership that best represents our community and has the right combination of skills and talents to make a real difference.

The Board will play an important role in the governance of our School by supporting, monitoring and shepherding our community in line with our mission and priorities. The Board is empowered to make decisions, through the lens of our diverse community, our place in Bali and in line with our School values. 

We are now looking to the community to unearth the best membership and to bring this Board to life. Members include certain senior staff, and elected representatives from the teacher, student, parent and local community. Additional community memberships will round out the team by adding specific expertise. These members are now being sought with an emphasis on expertise in sustainability, financial management, culture building, local connections or global connections. The final decision on these appointments rests with our Trustees.

Please contact me for more information, for a chat and for more detail on the selection criteria, at If you missed last week’s newsletter, please take a look at our Governance System and Policy 2019 (passcode: GSimpact2020). 

Many thanks and much love,

Kate Druhan, Head of People & Community


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