The Power of Peace Project

We are students from Ibu Kiley’s 8B thematics class. Every 6 weeks throughout the year, our class focus’ on a different Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). In block six, we focused on SDG#16. This goal aims to promote Peace, Justice, Strong Institutions, and Inclusive Societies around the globe. In our class discussion about this SDG we shared ideas about how we promote SDG #16 at Green School and how we have room to grow on promoting SDG #16. In this discussion, our class came to collectively acknowledge that there are many ways we see peace and justice being carried out at Green School that contribute to our school being a strong educational institution. We also acknowledged that many students across the entire school have been observed treating our Indonesian teachers and staff differently compared to how we treat international teachers and staff – both in the classroom and at the warungs and lunch tables in the Heart of School. The disrespect displayed does not promote peace and justice at Green School and we decided we wanted to work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable community. In effort to activate SDG #16 in our own school community, we came up with “The Power of Peace” project.

The purpose of the “Power of Peace” project is to work towards improving the level of equity in terms of respect and kindness that is shown to the staff of Green School. Our class volunteered for five weeks with the kitchen staff to prepared and serve school lunches. Our intention was to put ourselves in the shoes of the wonderful Indonesian men and women that prepare and serve us lunch everyday to build understanding and empathy. The goal of our project was to encourage the students of Green School (and to remind ourselves), to always show equal respect to all staff on campus – regardless of where they are from or their gender.

As 8th graders, we are role models for the younger students at Green School and we need to step up our IRESPECT game and model what fair, peaceful, and equitable treatment looks like. We hope that our project has had an impact on the Green School community and helps promote peace and the inclusivity of our Indonesian staff more in our community.

Our volunteer project has come to an end, but in the future we hope our project can expand from volunteering in the kithcen and heart of school at lunch to the various warungs and FREAK coffee. We hope to share this project with the head teachers of each learning neighbourhood and suggest this move forward as a compulsory service learning project for all learning neighbourhoods at Green School. We hope we inspired the community to work towards improving basic respectful manners and kindness shown towards all Green School staff and faculty.


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