The Second Week of the Last Term in 3B

Dear all parents and families,

Welcome back to 3B. Hope everybody had/ is having  a very joyful and relaxing break. We have started the first week of school by reviewing some of the lesson to get the students mind and soul back to school :). We are still continuing our “Local Food and Farming” theme till this week. We are playing the farmers game with some made “Situation Challenge” like weather changing, diseases, and the fall of the selling point of a certain item,  that need the students to count the point of each item they have in the game  and rebuild their farm with a different items they might think wouldn’t  easily attacked by weather or diseases.

We are also still taking care of our rice field, monitor the growing, what it needs to grow better, what does not belong to the field that need to taken out.

To end the smooth yet productive coming back to school week, we close the week last week by making a Traditional Healthy Drink, JAMU, not only one, but six kinds. We invited a professional Jamu Maker from Denpasar to teach and guide us in making Jamu in the right way. The students had so much fun experiencing grating a whole 1 kg of herbs like turmeric and ginger or Galangal. They also learnt some names of the herbs and the benefit of it to our body. At the end, they brought their creation home for you to taste.

This week in Thematic, we are going to learn about medicinal herbs around campus, learn how does it look and the benefit and playing mystery plant hunter. This all supported by Pak Noan, Middle School teacher- GS herbs expert.

In Literacy, the students are learning about FACT and OPINION. How it that different.

In Math, we are introducing Fraction to the students, from one whole, a half and a quarter. We split the students into some group for a better instruction and supervision.

In Bahasa Indonesia, we have reviewed the last topic to warming up the students before they move the next related topic. We have discussed how to stay  healthy and describing a character from a book they read.

This week we are continuing our learning to name different clothing and the expressions and followed by a new topic about Food and procedure text, sequencing event and create a recipe with a cooking class.

In Indonesian Culture, we are discussing the do’s and the don’ts using our body and share the difference from each students’ countries. This week we are going to discus the philosophy behind it and tie it with the “Food” topic about eating with right hand and some cultural believes and costume of Balinese eating habit

Best regards,

Grade 3B Teaching Team

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