The Third Week Of The Last Term in 5B

Dear Parents,

We are having a hot, hot, hot, really hot season right now. Please make sure that your child having a water bottle with them everyday to school and we will keep reminding them to drink so having water bottles on hand helps this process.

In Budaya Indonesia, to celebrate Kartini’s Day, April 21, the students will studied about Kartini, a Javanese woman who is a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for native Indonesians. Next week the students will be sharing their own heroine report of their choosing.

In Bahasa Indonesia, We learn about kind of Modern and Traditional Transportation used on land, water, and air.

Specialists: We have Morning Fitness  class leading by Ibu Dee every Wednesday, Gardening with Pak Bono, and Yoga Nidra every Thursday with Ibu Karen. So many different experiences they have in a week!

This week is Sustainable Solutions at Green School so it will be jam-packed full of different experiences for our students. They will be hosting a mini workshop on how to create toy and mini robot from deconstructed machines on Tuesday from 11-12:oo as well as hosting games creation for grade 1 on Wednesday.

They have chose what talks or workshops they would like to attend on Wednesday morning, which are hosted by MS and on Thursday offered by HS, and many more.

On Thematic, last week we brainstorming for footprints project and sharing their book bag reports to the class. And also as you recieve email from Ibu Cindy this week we will talk about The Changing Body, and we will finished it next week.

Reminder :

  1. Assembly on Friday

  2. May 1st : Labor Day / No School

  3. May 10th : Ascension of Christ  / No School

Thank You for reading!


Grade 5B Team

Ibu Cundy, Ibu Dina, Ibu Kadek

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