The Week behind us and where to go next!

So here goes… a busy week behind us, and a fun week ahead:

Green Studies Middle School – Bambuat (and maybe the mushroom hut)

Last week we got a chance to present our Bambuat to a couple special guests. First, Jeff (a parent and person with great expertise in marketing) came into class and heard the students pitch Bambuat. The students were hesitant to start, but as the time went on they listened and learned what steps they would need to take next. Jeff offered further support in pitching a product, and is ready to come in later. We also had Victoria, a fellow educator from England who was in. She acted as a representative from the Green games co, and heard a more polished pitch.

Now we are finalizing our product, which we will then share with the Green Educators next week. I am excited to see the students explaining our design process to the incoming adults. We are also looking into building a mushroom hut from sandbags, and consulted with Kadek Antara about a spot.

Green Studies High School – A Bug’s Life

I am really enjoying the flow of this class. As an educator I am trying to move away from the didactic approach as much as possible, and so providing a set of resources and letting students explore the topic and build their own understanding instead. It is not guaranteed productive, but the conversations I have with the students shows good insight and genuine interest in the subject. We have one more week of this and then we will have a student generated database of local bugs, along with some students who know a good deal more about insects than I did when we started this class.

Jalan Jalan – Architecture

The architects are rolling along without issue. Many have chosen their assignment, and will be working on that the following few weeks. While our numbers have increased by 5, the students are demonstrating a keen ability to learn together and ask for assistance from their peers first. As the teacher, I am still run ragged with the technicalities of Sketchup, but am also greatly appreciative to have this chance to work with students. To watch a class of 16 middle schoolers work for 4 hours with focus is something to behold.

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