The Week of June 4th – June 8th

Hi All, We hope you enjoyed a nice, peaceful Galungan week {We only meet at Green School for two days: Monday, May 28 and Thursday, May 31 next week}. You’ll need it with the line up the following week! To that end we wanted to give you an overview of the festivities to come… Monday June 4: Grade 8 Quest presentations all day. Please note: this is also the BSSA Athletics day event. We do have special arrangements for our grade 8 student to run and present. Tuesday: June 5: Grade 12 Green Stone Presentations all day in the Sangkep. 8:30-5:15 followed by a Mepantigan ceremony.

8:30 Ruby Bourke : Minimalism Patrick O’Grady : Eco-Tourism Quinn Beblow : My Journey with Success & Happiness Jetsun MacDonnell : The Art of Storytelling Tessa Krisanti : Giving Back


11:00 Luba Bauer : Seeds for Freedom Made Kosala : West & East Viva Dio : Why can’t we get along? Thoriq Nurhidayah : Energy in Motion: A Journey of Discovering Connectedness LUNCH – Special lunch in the Peace Garden for presenters and their families 

1:15 Melati Wijsen : Mountain Mamas in the Circular Economy Bronson Parish : Ocean Flow Jacqui Bulstrode : Sharing Vulnerability Shoya Santanda : Failure Gede Witsen : Creativity for Change

3:30 Serinya Gjemmestad : A Little Thing Called Curiosity Shahinaz Samoy : Is there a right way to have a conversation? Gayatri Nilsen : A Gentle Protest Atiya Ansari : Everyone has a Story: Who’s Listening? Shei Yu : Studying Abroad in Trump’s AmericaWednesday: June 6: Grade 12 Pre-grad dinner. This is an event hosted by grade 11 students and parents for our graduating seniors and their families. We’ll get started at 6:30. Thursday: June 7: Graduation Day!

8:00 am: Our grads will get started with a special breakfast at Old Man’s in Cangguu. We’ll arrange transport for students who live up north. Details to follow.

3:00-5:00 – Music on the marimba stage and Farmer’s Market food stalls.

5:00-7:00 – Graduation ceremony on the field.

7:00-9:00 – Dinner on the field ala ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ with special seating for our grads and their guests. The rest of the community is invited to join us for dinner as well with tikar mats and low tables on the field. We’ll have more music here too!

Please note that our grads will be busy with preparation activites all day, but classes will run as normal for grades 9, 10 and 11.Friday: June 8: Good bye Grad assembly. 2:30 start time. Monday, June 11 – Wednesday, June 13: Grades 9, 11, and 12 Camps. These are the camps that were postponed due to Mt. Agung’s activity throughout theyear. Grade 10 will be loaded up with a myriad of activities on campus that center around working with our primary students and creating orientation videos for next year’s new students and culminate in a lunch/pool party at a private residence on Wednesday, June 13. Thursday, June 14: Last day of school. 10:30 Assembly and 11:00 dismissal Whew! We hope to see you a bunch that week! All our best, HS Team

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