The Week of September 24-28, 2018

Hello Grade 2 Families,

What a wonderful productive week it has been! This week we had lots and lots  of things to share with you. Our morning community has a variety of different activities such as movements/dance/yoga, news/weekend sharing, gardening, story telling and some other meaningful activities.


Pak Brett has integrated our thematics about Sense of Place by taking us to a Subak /rice field walk near the school. We had so much to learn about how the subak system works (water irrigation) and plants that grow in Bali like durian and peanuts. Ubuntu flag was also made this week to show some kind words such as happy, love, peace, and the IRESPECT values. Check below photos please:


The second graders are practicing more and more in forming sentences including the punctuation. We also continue with our guided reading routine by retelling a story, discussing their favourite part of the story, chunking letters and sounds. Some sight words are also infused in those activities as well as the phonics based words.


We had lots of discussion and practice on number senses (some of them are ready for higher numbers of more than 100), some addition strategies (counting on and regrouping) and place value concept up to hundreds.

Bahasa/Indonesian Culture:

We learned more and more Bahasa vocabularies about numbers, colours and things around the classroom this week. Our second graders love and enjoy the games called do-mi-ka-do  and simon berkata (Simon says). In Indonesian Culture, we explored more about Full Moon ceremony especially about how to follow the ritual of the ceremony and continued our discussion about the differences and similarities between Green School and our local schools in Bali. Balinese tigers topic is also included in our Indonesian Culture discussion this week.


  1. All parents are invited to come watch our Grade 2 Putih and Merah performances at our Primary Assembly on Tues Oct 2nd 8.20-9am. We will show a gratitude video where the second graders handed some bracelets and letters to say thank you to the school staff who work very hard every day and then it will be followed by a short dance. Please Grade 2 Merah (Upstairs) students to wear white or red on Tues for the assembly, thanks so much:)


  1. bring water bottle and hat every day

  2. sport shoes for PW

  3. home reading every day please


Grade 2 Team

(Neni, Pippa, Anya, Jerry, Nita and Peni)


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