The Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

We are half way through our last Block for the year. Wow! This week we had a special visit from Pelangi students and teachers – they ran a really cool Quiz Show with our MS students – it was great hanging out with students from another school.

In Literacy-Science unit, we took a closer look at Carbohydrates, analysed our own healthy eating patterns, drew up a Sugar History Timeline, and researched how the body processes sugar. We are slowly making our way through the amazing documentary called ‘That Sugar Film’ – by the end of the unit, the students in this group will watch the film in its entirety as experts on Sugar.

In Mathematics, we spent time collecting like-terms, expanding brackets, substitution, and factoring – next week we will start using all these skills to solve algebraic equations. On Friday, we played logic games.(Sprouts, Sets and No Thanks) – with our Algebra skills building, it was fun putting them to good use with some play.

In the Guns, Germs and Steel Thematic, the 7A students spent time looking at early-farming (cropping and animal-domestication), researching information for their mini-Q activities (where students can learn and communicate about anything they choose), and they also spent time playing Pak Driver’s very cool game where they are building their societies and, in essence, traveling through the evolution of human civilisation. One day, the students were challenged to make an axe or hoe from natural objects found around the school – testing those was fun. Here’s a photo of Annie making her ‘garden rake’.

It’s been another fun week!

Please email me if you have any issues/questions regarding the MS program. The next month we will be very busy – so check your emails, read our blogs, and fill up your calendar with all the cool things happening at this amazing school.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Pak Sal


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