The Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

This week in the Learning Adventures of Sal, we covered a huge variety of topics, skills and activities.

In Mathematics – I am facilitating an ‘Introduction to Algebra’ unit – we spent the week adding ‘tools/skills’ to our Algebra Kit. This unit has been designed to provide a stepping stone to High School Maths (either as a Grade 9 student – or as a student who might like the challenge of being in our MS Maths Extension program next year). Students have all been emailed pdf resources and a detailed, step-by-step learning outcomes document (with references to relevant textbook questions for practice). Students can move at their own pace, be challenged and have the necessary support they need to build their competency with solving algebraic equations.

In my Science Literacy class we have been basing our studies on the documentary film ‘That Sugar Film’. This week the activities we completed in class were: Analysing Sugar Data Graphs, What is a Healthy Diet, Food/Drink Student Diaries, Comparisons of Diets from Around the World, and a History of Sugar Timeline.

In the Guns, Germs and Steel Thematic, my 7A group placed their tribe on the ‘Game Map’, developed an awareness of Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle, and looked at the steps involved in the evolution towards farm-based, village societies. Students have daily learning activities to complete – in addition, students have been doing independent research about topics of their choice.

Student Reports for the Block 5 units were emailed to parents this week. We appreciate any feedback you have – we are also super keen to meet and discuss the Reports in more detail.

Have a great weekend

Kind Regards

Pak Sal


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