The Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

It’s fantastic to be back at Green School. Wow – Term 4 already? Time flies when you’re having fun!

This week in the Learning Journeys of my students …

In Literacy we looked at different facets of developing listening skills. Students made their own podcasts about a science topic of their choice, we listened to audio instructions on origami folding, we practiced our note-taking abilities by listening to a podcast about ‘Artificial Intelligence taking over the world’, we developed our own set of audio instructions to simple tasks – fun and games with Science in the Literacy class!

In Mathematics, students completed their learning about Area. From here we move to Volume (a natural progression – as Volume is Area of Shape multiplied by Height).

In Thematics, I began the Science component of the Coconut unit with the 6B students. Topics we covered this week were: Biological Classification, Plant Cell organelles (where students made a model using recycled materials), and a DaVinci Art-Science lesson where students sketched a coconut tree and turned it into a scientific annotated diagram.

Next week we will announce the options for the Elective Units for Block 6. We will also start a new round of After-School Activities – please check the blog and newsletter for details; I am leading (with the help of a very amazing Maths Professor and GS parent) a ‘NOT-COMPUTER GAMES’ activity on Wednesday afternoon.

Kind regards

Pak Sal


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