The Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

I had a particularly FANTASTIC week. Our new units started and I’ve been really excited about this Block.

In Literacy-Listening, I have 11 students in a Science Podcast. This week we did activities based on the Science of Listening/Hearing, Listening Skills, What is an Atom, and a Tour through the Solar System. Wow!

In Mathematics we started our Measurement unit – some of the groups have changed a little (mainly because Pak Baptiste is running a Measurement unit based on the Rubik’s Cube – obviously that was very popular with our MS cohort). This unit will include perimeter, area, surface area and volume topics, and will involve a lot of hands-on, practical applications.

In Thematic, I started a 3-week learning journey with 6A looking at the Science of Coconuts (Cocos Nuciferas). In our classes so far, we have covered Biological Classification, Plant Cell Organelles, ‘Is a Coconut a fruit, a nut or a seed?’, and Evolutionary Adaptations of the coconut. Our models for the Plant Cell were made out of recycled materials from Kembali – here’s a example:

Have a fantastic Nyepi.

Kind regards

Pak Sal


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