The Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

Every week is amazing at this school – and this week was no exception.

In Maths, we started our Ratio-Rates unit. In order to apply skills related to this unit, we needed to begin by building our skill ‘tool-box’ – this involved: simplifying ratios, completing a ratio, and dividing a quantity by a specific ratio. On Friday we looked at monetary exchange rates as ratios USD:IDR = 1:13,717 (today’s exchange rate) – this is a very common, everyday way that we use ratios all the time.

In Literacy, students were making more edits and finalising their children’s book. Next week we ‘present’ our books to the Grade 1 students – we hope to obtain relevant feedback from our target audience so as to make the final improvements to the books.

In the Medieval Banquet, I had a fantastic time with the 6B students. We spent time developing an understanding of our characters. We also spent time looking at the famous scientists of the era and how their groundbreaking inventions and ideas have influenced today’s society.

The Jalan-Jalan Go-Pro Film group were all ‘Go’ this week. We had some much appreciated support from Ibu Carine (parent) and Ibu Sofia (GS Development team) – and the three film projects are starting to take shape.

But my favourite thing that happened this week? Was it the brilliant Assembly (how awesome are our Green Generation students?), or the pumping Farmers Market, or sharing the learning journey of so many super cool students and teachers? It had to be the visit we received from Dustin Thomas (thanks to Pak Adam for organising this). And of course, I had to get a photo!

or two (!)

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Pak Sal


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