The Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

Last week seemed to fly by.

Big thanks to the MS parents for organizing the Halloween Party – it was a lovely gesture and students and teachers appreciated it a lot.

In MS Maths, my class has been learning more skills when doing calculations with Percentages and Decimals. I have been learning more Japanese – thanks to Yutaro. I’ve got some students who are doing tutoring sessions outside of school – they are demonstrating the benefits of this and are moving quickly through the current learning outcomes. I love teaching Numbers – and I’m really enjoying my time with this current group.

In my ‘OUR AMAZING PLANET – WRITING A CHILDREN’S BOOK’ Literacy unit, students have chosen their Scientific concept and completed their research. This week we will start summarizing and paraphrasing – soon we will have the first draft of our texts ready for peer feedback and review.

In the Medieval Banquet, the 7A class completed some character development – and, in addition, looked at some of the great scientists and mathematicians of the time.

In the Go-Pro Movie Jalan-Jalan unit – due to unforeseen delays we have not received the cameras yet – we have completed our planning for the three documentaries that students will be making.

A highlight of last week was the screening of the film ‘Borneo is Burning’. It’s so amazing to be part of a community that isn’t satisfied with discussing issues and makes it it’s mission to do something about them. We need to do everything possible to spread the word of this terrible situation. The first thing you could do is change your facebook profile picture to this image:

Have a great week.

Pak Sal

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