The Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

This week in Thematic I hung out with the 6A students – so much fun! You guys rock!!! Students researched and communicated information about their own Big Questions based on the Science of Happiness – at one stage we had ten different Big Questions based on Brain Structures, Neurons and Hormones. This group also excelled with their student-designed Happiness Experiments.

In Maths this week, students completed the Number Skills post-unit assessment task. My group had a lesson on the main Green School bridge as part of their revision strategy. Next week we start the Fractions unit. Don’t forget to check the Hive for our extensive Maths resources.

In the ‘Sell the Cell’ Literacy unit, students looked into the process of Photosynthesis and the structure of a chloroplast. It’s so much fun teaching ‘Science in an English’ class (I’ve wanted to do this for a long time). Next week, we will look at Cell Replication, Cellular Respiration and the structure of Mitochondria.

Marimba – for my Wednesday Jalan-Jalan – was so cool. We are learning a complex piece and it is coming together. It’s exciting to think we will get to perform this in the near future.

What a great week! So much cool learning – but, you know, my favourite time of the week was …


Have a great weekend. Email me regarding any Maths or Science issues.

Kind Regards

Sal Gordon

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