Third Week of Term 1

Dear Parents,

Greetings. Wow! It’s so fast!! We experienced this third week of school with a lot of music which is related to our current thematic lesson, “My Body and My Five Senses”. This week, we explored “Hearing – Sounds”. The students started with a stimulating nature walk on Monday morning. We walked around the campus listening to the sounds of the nature, particularly the animals. The children heard the sounds of the rushing river along with geese, cows, insects and pigs. We also saw a beehive that was created by some of the older students. On Tuesday, the students continued their music adventures in the classroom. The Starlings listened to the different sounds of music instruments through a game. The teacher hid some music instruments behind a curtain and one of the students played a music instrument and the other students tried to guess which instrument made that sound. The students also made their own music instrument, a “Shaker” which was constructed from recycled materials. Another wonderful music time is with Pak Brett for Music Class and he played a flute as well as guitar. The Starlings replicated the sounds of the rain and thunder with drums.

We enjoyed many Specialist classes this week. We visited Ibu Ayu in the Library on the second floor of the Heart of School. She read a book for the students and we borrowed some great books for our classroom library. In P.E Class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu, the students played games, such as “Stuck in the Mud” and “What Time Is It Mr. Wolf”. Once again in Green Studies Class, we searched our lush campus looking for fallen treasures that we collected and put it in our ”’Nature Collection”. In Yoga Class with Ibu Cherry, we had more fun doing yoga poses, for example, tree, chair, boat and slide, through some yoga songs.

The students were very enthusiastic to cut the mangoes to make mango juice in Cooking Class. Some of the Starlings said that they are a “chef master”. The students also helped to wash the dishes and lastly, everybody enjoyed their yummy juice!

In Bahasa (Language) Indonesia and Budaya (Culture) Class every day for 30 minutes, the students learn about Indonesian language and Indonesian culture. In these pictures, you can see the Starlings practised a hopscotch game which is known as “Engklek”, and we introduced Indonesian vocabulary through this game.

This week, each grade was asked to present an idea for a mascot for the entire Green School. In Starlings, everybody gave their unique ideas. That’s really hard, but finally we got two candidates, “Cheetah” and “Hamburger”. The students voted and decided that “Hamburger” will be the mascot that we submitted to Green School. Other suggestions included robot, bunny, viper, leopard and cobra.

Just a reminder:

Our Early Years Potluck Breakfast will be next week on Wednesday, August 29, from 8:15-9:30 in Kindy A playground area and children will be welcome to play inside or outside (in the Kindy area) during that time. Please bring something healthy to share. (Fruit, healthy baked goods or pre-made smoothies are great!) We are unable to heat/cook anything there so whatever you bring should be ready to eat. We will provide banana leaf plates, some glass, spoon and fork. We truly hope you can join us and we look forward to seeing you there!

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week for our first full week of school with five consecutive days! Thank you for your attention and support.

Best Wishes,

The Starlings Team

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