Third Week of Term 2

Dear Parents and Starlings’ Families,


Bunyi hujan di atas genteng

airnya turun tidak terkira

cobalah tengok dahan dan ranting

pohon dan kebun basah semua.

That’s an Indonesian song about the rain. Sometimes, we sing that song when the rain is coming. That’s also connected with our thematic learning  for this week,”Magical creatures from the water”. We explored about mystical beings who live in the water, like mermaids or mermen. The children painted the cardboard with blue and white to make an ocean. Then they strengthened their fine motor skills by cutting the mermaid/man tail. The children also colored and decorated the tail with sea shells, sparkles and glitter. The last steps were to stick the mermaid/man tail on the ocean board, draw their body, and attach their photograph to the tail.

During a Nature Walk, we were looking for empty coconut fruits for a green science project. We found some in the kitchen area and the children asked the kitchen’s staff if we could have some. After receiving them, we went straight away to the Tire Playground on mini field next to the Sangkep. The children played and challenged their gross motor skills by climbing, jumping and balancing.

We tried a science experiment on Wednesday morning about how to blow up a balloon with a bottle, not with air from our mouth as usual. The children poured about a third of a cup of vinegar into the bottle. Next, they put two teaspoons of baking soda into the funnel so it falls into the balloon. Then, they removed the balloon from the funnel. The next step was the children secured the mouth of the balloon over the top of the bottle. We did not let any of the baking soda drop into the bottle yet, and slowly, we lifted the end of the balloon and allowed the baking soda to drop to the bottle. The children were amazed to watch the balloon magically inflate.

This week, we made Vegetable Satay for our Cooking Class. Ibu Komang shared her recipe that she usually makes at home for her daughter. The children smashed the tofu with a spoon and grated the broccoli and carrot. Ibu Komang helped to cook the red onion and garlic. The students mixed all of the ingredients, such as tofu, broccoli, carrot, fried onion and garlic together and put some seasonings such as pepper and salt. The last step was the children took some dough and one stick (we used lemongrass for the stick to give extra flavor). They clenched the dough and tried to attach it to the stick. That was little bit challenging for the children. To cook it, Ibu Komang fried it in hot coconut oil. The Satay was crunchy outside and soft inside. Delicious!

We started our Yoga Class with “I Am Yoga” song, and we did yoga through that song. Ibu Cherry showed us new yoga poses, like turtle pose and grasshopper. We need to squish our hands under our legs and lift our body up to look like a turtle. Inspired by the patient turtle, this pose increases mental focus and stretches the arms, back and legs. In grasshopper pose, we need to lay down on our belly, stretch our hands out and lift one leg up while the other leg bends and holds it. The children also did a partner pose called “lizard on a rock”, that encourages the children to work to together, respect each other, and most of all, have fun!. To practice lizard on a rock, one child comes into rock pose (or child’s pose) and the second child, comes behind the rock and lays down gently on the rock. Lizard Pose is a nice way for children to learn how to relax as well as an opportunity to open up their hearts and then try the opposite movement.

Rain was not going to stop our activities! We enthusiastically attended Pak Garrett’s Class, even after drizzling rain came in the morning. The children played “Pac Man” games. One child had a turn being a tagger and tag their friends. They walked following the lines and chased their friends. When their friends got tagged, they did difference exercises. In the first section, they did Star five times. For the next round, they completed five Star Jumps and five Squats. In the last section, they tried an exercise called high knees. On Thursday morning, the children walked zigzag on the rope, bounced the ball while they walked in a zigzag path, and hopped with one leg and then switched to two legs.

That was a lot of fun in Music Class on Thursday because we met a new friend, Pak Aris. He is one of the music teachers for the older students and he came and played music with us. Pak Aris taught us about two musical instruments, djembe and flute. He told us that djembe has three different sounds, bass, tone and slap. We also had a jungle dance in which the children chose their favourite animals and danced like that animal. They were so happy and asked Pak Aris to come and visit them again. “Bye bye Pak Aris, we love you! And we love your music!” shouted the children. The Starlings did not want Pak Aris to leave so they invited him to stay and eat lunch with them. It’s lovely to make new friends.

Ibu Desy was our special Green Studies teacher this week. We enjoyed planting pumpkin seeds inside the coconuts as well as playing in the mud pit. The students were so excited to find a couple of frogs on the path.

The Starlings tried a special mathematics activity in which they worked with the numbers from 6-10. We used stamps to work on the concept of one-to-one correspondence and for numeral identification. The children tried to stamp six times next to number 6, 7 times next to number 7, etc. We also practised matching the numbers to the quantity, for instance, number 3 matched with an image of three fish.

Just a reminder of some upcoming dates:

Next week is DANCE WEEK! Bamboopalooza will take place after school on Friday, November 16.

School will be closed on  Monday and Tuesday, November 19 and 20, in observance of a national holiday and for a PD Day for staff.

Early Years will have a full moon ceremony on Thursday, November 22.

Our Early Years Indonesian Assembly will be at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, December 5.

The last day of Term 2 will be on Thursday, December 20.

Thank you for your attention and continued support. Have a wondrous weekend and we will see you again soon.

Kind regards,

The Starlings Team


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