Third Week of Term 2

Dear Parents,

One of our favourite traditions in the Early Years program is our Halloween trick-or-treat circuit. Each year, we are astonished by the creativity and efforts of the parents to make this such a memorable experience for the children and teachers. We had an abundance of parent volunteers who worked together to make stations on the playground, lunch tables and in the classrooms as well as other locations. We are incredibly grateful to all of the families that helped to make this day possible. The Early Years Learning Neighbourhood was also given an award at the Halloween Assembly because every student came to school in a costume! We do enjoy dressing up. Green School celebrated Halloween a day early this year due to the Balinese Hindu celebration of Galungan, resulting in school being closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ibu Indri, one of our amazing Class Ambassadors

Chocolate granola treats with Pak Aiden

Bobbing for apples 

Halloween bowling games

Sparkly tattoos

Spooky playground


Ibu Tatiana sharing a sweet moment with her son

Ibu Harumi passing out rice crackers

Pak Stefan giving spider rings

Making jack-o-lanterns from mandarins

To add to the excitement of the week, we have new baby bunny rabbits on campus! The Starlings were beyond excited to meet these sweet little creatures.

Ibu Rachael showing us the baby rabbits

We harvested some delicious cucumbers and tomatoes from our Green School gardens as well as aubergines. The Starlings have also been enjoying the OROS project and have visited for the past two weeks to assist in the construction of this inspiring space.

Can you spot our other new friend?

The students explored a variety of shapes during a Mathematics lesson and practised naming the shapes as well as drawing them.

Creating with our fabulous intern, Ibu Devi

Our Early Years Indonesian Assembly will take place on Wednesday, November 15, at 9:00 AM in front of the pirate ship on the Kindy A playground (our neighbours). There is an Assembly on Friday afternoon in the Sangkep at 2:30 PM as well as a Farmer’s Market. Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you again soon. Take care.

Warm regards,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna and Ibu Komang

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