Third Week of Term 4

Dear Parents,

Greetings. This week, Green School hosted a festival called “Sustainable Solutions”. The Starlings loved visiting the exhibitions and engaging with the interactive projects. We also had the chance to meet so many students from other grades. On Wednesday morning, the Middle School invited us to their showcase and we loved getting our faces painted with natural sunscreen. The students tried balance boards that the older students built themselves. We also helped to create a mosaic art installation by cutting cardboard and gluing the pieces to a canvas. On Thursday, the High School students had a turn to showcase their projects and stations. We loved playing drums and trying on masks. It was also lots of fun to play on the new bamboo playground on the field, to paint eggs and to watch a marble ride a roller coaster made from recycled materials. After the Assembly today, there will be lots of live music and a community picnic. We hope to see you there to celebrate the end of the festival and the beginning of Green School’s ten year celebration.

Here are some moments captured from our visit to the High School projects:

Here are some moments from our visit to the Middle School’s Sustainable Solutions:

On Monday afternoon, we went to Grade 5B’s classroom for our Teman-Teman session. The students each drew a portrait of their buddy and then gave the drawing to their partner.

This week, we had several Mystery Guest visits. One of the highlights of the year is our annual visit from Pak Ron, the snake man. We shared stories about snake encounters as well as reinforced snake safety and protocols. Pak Ron brought two snakes for us to see and the children were able to touch Sari, the reticulated python, who is four years old, just like some of us.

We joined up with Kindy A and Kindy B as well as our Gecko friends to meet Bob Priest, who is an author and illustrator. He also writes songs to accompany some of his books.

Pak Brett surprised us in the Library on Tuesday morning by being the Mystery Reader during our weekly Library session.

On Wednesday, we had guest teachers in our Yoga Class. They brought us on a story adventure where we pretended to be monkeys and searched for other animal friends in the forest.

In Cooking Class, the children enjoyed corn on the cob and edamame.

In Green Studies Class, we visited one of the seed stations on campus and observed how much our seedlings were growing. We collected other seeds to plant in the garden, outside of Kindy B.

Here is a link to the video called “Just Breathe” which we shared with our students during a Mindfulness lesson. We thought you might like to see it too.

The second session of the Early Years Parent Chat will be on Wednesday, May 9, from 8:30-9:30 am in the Drama Room. Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week. Thank you for your support and attention.

Best wishes,

Ibu Krisna, Ibu Komang and Ibu Russlee

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