This week in the High School

It’s the first week of block 2 in the high school. We’ve jumped right into a new set of classes and we’re getting ready for a

High school students continue their work on the Humans of Green School Project by interviewing and getting to know themselves and each other a bit better. You can see some of these from the last block in the gallery beside the art space.

​Packing into the bus after a fun morning of Learn to Surf Jalan Jalan, too much wind, garbage, and not enough swell at Batu Bolong but everyone had a good time. New surfers Chloe and Bata stood up on waves helped by their peer mentors Italo and Bronson. Davis Diamond had the wave of the day.

Our Green School Model United Nations representatives are presenting and engaging in diplomatic discussions at the Bali MUN at Dyatmika School.

Grease Police started Block 2 with a bang! Thanks College of Foreign Languages ​​(STIBA) Saraswati for the 600 liters of great Used Cooking Oil (UCO)! Community please be aware that we are going to be conducting a carpooling audit in the coming weeks. It will be very similar to the one done by middle school 3 years ago. Also during Jalan Jalan our team visited Yayasan Lengis Hijau and asked some lingering questions. Learn more about our program here:

How flammable is Biodiesel? Biodiesel is not very flammable, unlike regular Diesel.

How much biodiesel does Lengis Hijau currently have? Lengis hijau has approximately 6000 liters of biodiesel.

Where does the money come from to fund Lengis Hijau? Swiss nonprofit Caritas used to fund Lengis Hijau, but they now independently sustain themselves by selling biodiesel.

How much UCO is produced every month in Bali? Around 200,000 liters of UCO is monthly produced in Bali.

When did Lengis Hijau start up? Lengis Hijau started running 6 months before the Bio Bus did.

What’s in biodiesel? Methanol and UCO are 2 of the main ingredients in Biodiesel.

Check out these photos from the recent trip to Yayasan Lengis Hijau:

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