This Week in the High School

This week in HS: Feb. 18

What a week. The VDay dance on the field and the Vagina Monologues left us exhilarated and inspired. I’ve never been more proud of our students, teachers and community. I’ve also never more grateful to be at a school who tackles such difficult issues with such authenticity, courage and grace. It got me reflecting on the amazing things we are always up to at school and inspired me to start a ‘This Week in the High School’ blog post. I’ll do my best to highlight the interesting ‘goings-on’ of our students here each week. But forgive me in advance if I miss some things. Its hard to keep up!

Bye Bye Plastic Bags/One World One Voice Bali Beach Clean Up: This coordinated beach clean up brought our more than 12,000 people around Bali to put action to words and raise awareness about the need to tackle the issues of single-use plastic and waste management. More than …. Tons of trash was collected. I don’t even have a guess as to how many plastic straws were in there! Say no to plastic straws!

The Ramayana: Pak Shaun, Ibu Prenny, all the students and so many others have been hard at work to get ready for an ambitious project to bring a contemporary and approachable take on this timeless classic. Here, they are hard at work creating costumes and props for both the on-campus production April 20,21 and 22 and the bio bus road show in late April.

Natural Fast Foods: From the creative genius of Pak Noan comes this class that looks at the utility of eating insects – accessible protein! This class takes an important look world food issues while breaking barriers and stretching comfort zones. The fried crickets are great! The chocolate ones taste like chocolate crickets. Not bad, but nor your first choice. This class had the serendipitous opportunity to team up with our 1st graders who are doing a thematic unit about insects. Yummy!

Electronic Music: Pak Baptiste and his funksters have been hard at work creating a multi-media show combining original electronic music with movie making. These students are learning an array of programming and artistic skills in this class and we’ll look forward to their display on Thursday, 23 February at 7pm in the Sangkep.

Non-Violent Communication Course: Pak Josh has been leading this course to coincide with the VDay events. Students are doing having valuable discussions about the importance of conscious communication.

Green Stone Trailers: Our Seniors have been giving 5 minute versions of their Green Stones to their peers to collect valuable feedback as they head into the home stretch of putting together their presentations for the wider community.

Those are just some of the more visible highlights. So much more going on in our classrooms… stay tuned.

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