This Week with Pak Sal

This week was busy. With the MS Camps next week, this was our last week of ‘normal’ lessons/activities.

In Marimba, it was decided that we would perform at the Friday Assembly. As a result, there was a lot to do during our last formal practice on Wednesday. The piece we will be playing is called ‘ISU TAUYA PANO’ – it’s complicated but fun. The photo below shows how complex the song is:

Marimba has been an amazing Jalan-Jalan experience. Students have learned so many music skills – in addition, they have developed teamwork, collaboration and communication skills. I would like to thank Ibu Jan for her tireless and consistently happy approach to the unit. I would also like to thank the Tim & Insook and Edu & Carol for lending their cars/drivers to help with transportation. By the way – the Performance … WE ROCKED!!!

In Literacy, ‘Sell the Cell’, students completed their creative writing pieces on The Cell is a City. It was amazing to witness the real learning as students compared the functions of organelles to parts of a city. Here is a section from the beginning of Kai’s piece called ‘Bob the Tiny Little Glucose Dude’:

The Cell is like a City, where the organelles act as the buildings inside the city. Different cells have different functions, and the cells need energy (Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP) to perform them. The cell needs every organelle inside of it to function, otherwise the cell wouldn’t work. Bob the Tiny Little Glucose Dude is travelling the city for his 2nd time, and he will tell you about ten buildings in his plant cell city.

The Nucleus is the control center of the cell. This would act as the government, because without it, the city would be chaos, and Bob the Tiny Little Glucose Dude (Bob) does not like chaos. Inside the nucleus is the nucleolus, where all the DNA and RNA is stored. The nucleolus is where the government holds meetings. The nucleus is protected by the nuclear membrane, or the government security force. The nuclear membrane is permeable, meaning that liquids or gasses can pass through it. Without the nucleus, none of the organelles inside the cell would function, and the cell would die (and so would Bob).

In Maths this week, students were reviewing their learning of Fractions Skills  – this included a lesson on the Bridge:

On Friday, students completed the Fractions Post-Unit Assessment task. Our next unit is on Percentages and Decimals.

Next week is Camp Week. I will be hanging out with the Grade 7 students. I’m looking forward to all the fun (although I will miss my family a lot).

Have a great weekend.


Pak Sal


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