Towards Carbon Zero at Green School

Can Green School help my family reduce our carbon footprint?

Yes, Carbon Zero is a student Initiative started in 2018 to help our community identify and reduce their commuting carbon footprint. Families can reduce their footprint through recycling efforts, as well as by adopting a bamboo clump within our very own Bamboo Nursery.

What are we doing to reduce our footprint as a school?

In line with our strategic goal, we work towards a carbon zero campus. They say “you can only manage what you measure” and our School Sustainability Audit provides baseline data to measure progress. Green procurement, waste management, food choices, transport and energy solutions, support our journey to a carbon zero campus. There is much more to do but check-out how we have reduced our carbon footprint:

For more info see our Sustainability Audit Report (passcode: GSCommunity2019)

Is Green School Carbon Zero the best option? How robust/scientific is it?

“Put two scientists in a room and both will disagree with each other” – Green School Parent

Sustainability, climate change, carbon footprint, and personal behavior can be a hot topic of discussion. We aim for honesty in our measurement and reporting of School sustainability data and to adopt  clear scientific-based research and use of information.

We are working on a sustainability monitor system to provide increased accessibility, data and progress information. All calculations, metrics, formula are based on trusted online journal such as Science Daily, journal from Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Energy, and etc.

You can also find formulas and metrics by logging-in and scrolling down on the carbon zero app, formulas and metrics are there, just scroll down –

When is the next vehicle audit?

Next Week! With IDEA Class, we conduct our bi-annual community vehicle audit; be aware of MS and HS students gathering data of your commuting behaviorist in the early morning.

What is the Green School vehicle audit for?

The vehicle audit is to measure our current community commuting behavior and carbon footprint due to that. Starting last year, we have commited to do a bi-annual audit.

How can you find out more info and sign-up?



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