Transitions Presentation

Hi Parents -

From yesterday's Coffee Talks, we attach here the recording of Pak Quim's important presentation about transitions. As an international community, the saying 'hello' and saying 'goodbye' is so so vital to opening and closing chapters well.

During this strange times, many of our community did not get the chance to say proper goodbyes. Please watch the recordings - both morning session and afternoon session are the same content, but slightly differ in their conversations from parents.

9.30am: Password: 1A%NV!tb 3.30pm: Password: 0h@$p+?=

Creating some special ritual at home to honour the ending of a chapter, whether you are a 'leaver' or a 'stayer', is a lovely way to create a sense of closure.

Thank you, Pak Quim for sharing this important resource.

Thanks, parents.

Ibu Nicola

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