Trustees Update #6 2019-20

Dear Green School Bali Community,

We wish to advise the community that Chris Gentry has stepped down from the Trustee team, after many years of involvement with the School as a parent and more recently as Chair of the Trustees. 

This unforeseen situation has opened up a conversation within the remaining Trustees on the skills, talents and personal attributes needed within the collective team going forward. As an interim measure, Ronald Stones OBE, educator and long-term member of the Trustee team, will step into the role of Chair. This will allow us some time to contemplate the best membership mix, respecting the need to strive for a good gender balance and mix of skills and talents. We will keep you updated of Trustee membership developments as we progress.

The details pertaining to Chris Gentry stepping down are private and confidential and we ask for your assistance in respecting this situation.


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