Trustees Update #7 2019-20

Dear Community,

As we all prepare for the holiday break, the Trustees would like to make one final communication for 2019. So many great things continue to take place at Green School, and we want to acknowledge Derek, Sal, Kate and the Leadership Team, as well as the recently formed Board of Learners, for their dedication to the Green School mission.

This past semester has seen the opening of the new-and-improved Sangkep building; the opening of our new Upper School Drama Space (“Baby Sangkep”) down the hill beside the Middle School Barn; the opening of our new, enclosed mini-sports field across the street from the main entrance; an improved and accelerated annual re-contracting process for our international teachers; expanded space for The Bridge co-working space (as well as the addition of co-working spaces for High School students (The Nest) and teachers (The Hive). In addition, for the first time in the history of the school – thanks to the vortex and our increasing number of solar panels, we were completely off the energy grid during the month of October. And, thanks to the hard work and tireless efforts of our fantastic team of Indonesian teachers and administrators, we successfully completed our Indonesian National SPK Accreditation, receiving the highest score of any international school in Bali thus far.

As Trustees, we know that we are entrusted with the long-term sustainability of Green School Bali and keep this purpose as our guiding principle. As with any complex organization, there are many competing interests, and our stakeholder group is diverse. As we guide the school forward, we strive to balance these interests while also taking into account the legal and operational framework for yayasans (foundations) in Indonesia, a country that has welcomed so many of us as guests.

At the start of the current school year we committed to providing more regular updates and communications as to priorities and actions being taken by the Trustees. We are pleased to be operating in this environment of improved transparency and hold ourselves to the standard of speaking the truth, in line with our IRESPECT values. We also have listened, and will continue to listen to the voice of the Green School community, primarily through the Board of Learners. We have held one formal joint meeting so far this year between the Trustees and the Board of Learners, and more meetings, as well as informal discussions, will take place in the new year, whereby we will work together to address issues and concerns raised. Specifically, we are committed to addressing the following key, and we believe strategic, concerns and issues for Green School Bali in 2020:

1) Securing funding necessary to extend our land leases and to support our plans for growth 2) Providing a framework for the appointment of new Trustees, bearing in mind the need for diversity and a mix of members with diverse backgrounds and skill sets 3) Ensuring that the relationship between Green School Bali and Green School International (GSSO) provides demonstrable benefits to the school and community; this will include sharing with GSB materials developed for programmes outside of GSB, sharing strategic input and guidance when requested, and a commitment to financial support of GSB 4) Clarifying the roles of our co-founders in Green School Bali 5) The evolution of the Managing Director role and the planned appointment of a new Head of Campus to oversee both Green School and Green Camp 6) Supporting actions to address air quality in and around Green School Bali

We look forward to working on each of these issues proactively with the Board of Learners and the Green School Bali Leadership Team in 2020 and commit to continued regular and transparent communications.

We wish you all a safe and joyous holiday season!

Green School Bali Trustees


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