Trustees Update #9 2019-2020

Dear Green School Bali Community,

We are a community that has grown and thrived throughout our time together because we see the joy of learning in our students, feel the warm welcome of our friends and hosts here in Bali where we are guests, and because we address difficult issues with each other when they arise.  So often we do this thoughtfully and respectfully and with care because there is a compassionate understanding of how much effort it takes to serve and service the many parts of our community and it’s needs. But ultimately, we do this because our shared goal is always to serve the children, see the joy of learning radiate from them, and to achieve our mission of creating a strong Community of Learners Making our World Sustainable.  

Following our sharing of Trustees Update #8, the Trustees received additional questions and concerns about the move to an international model for the Green School global network. Some of these concerns are similar to those shared via the two anonymous emails that we mentioned in our last Update.  The two anonymous e-mails in particular contained significant accusations of unethical behaviour. As Trustees of Green School Bali, we aim to be honest about our mistakes when they occur. However, accusations of unethical behaviour, specifically those without a signature, felt disrespectful mainly due to their assumption of ill intent. We acknowledge this may not have been the true intent of the e-mails but rather an outcome of previous frustrations, lack of clarity, and a disagreement over the approach about how to globalise our mission. 

Our aim for our future together is one that begins with the sharing of information and a renewed presumption of good intent, and we hope this message begins us on that path.  

Prior to the creation of the relationship between Yayasan Kul-Kul (YKK) and GSSO (Green School Support Office, now known as Green School International (GSI)), the Trustees engaged a well respected, independent Jakarta-based legal and consulting firm, ASK Consulting, to advise on the establishment of all elements of the structure and arrangement. At that time, all decisions were assessed as appropriate in all ways. Further, in response to questions raised in the aforementioned anonymous e-mails, the Trustees engaged an additional Jakarta-based law firm, SSEK, to review all relevant decisions taken by the Trustees related to the relationship between YKK and GSI, as well as the cooperation agreement itself. SSEK has issued a memorandum which concludes that the cooperation agreement is consistent with the Indonesian foundation law and did not indicate any violations of legal due process or evidence of unethical behavior. The SSEK memorandum is being made available to the Board of Learners. 

To move forward and provide clarity on the legal arrangements and approach to building a global network of Green Schools, we are pleased to share additional information HERE.

Yours sincerely,

The Trustees of Green School Bali


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