Dear Community,

Over the past few weeks, the Trustees have come together to discuss and further the development of our refreshed Governance Structure and Policy. Last week, our chairperson Chris Gentry led a two-day workshop for a multi-stakeholder group from the School community in which an open forum was created for participants to ask questions, share ideas and express concerns. While there remains work to do, the efforts so far have been grounded in an authentic reflection of where we have come from and on the needs of the School as we look to the future.

We share with you here our thinking and provide you with details on the model under formation, including next steps. This information builds on the update and Q&A included in the last School newsletter and is in line with our commitment to provide more regular updates. For further context to this update, you can review our previous update on the central repository of Trustee updates #1 on the School Blog.

In refreshing the Governance structure of the School, we have worked to harmonise compliance with the Indonesian law for Yayasans with our culture of community-mindedness and a recognition of the importance of stakeholder input.

In addition, we have reviewed and reflected on the composition of the Trustees themselves in order to ensure balance and a close connection to, and alignment with, the culture, values and mission of the School. Accordingly, we would like to share the following information. We are pleased to inform you that Leslie Medema, our previous Head of Learning & Principal, has accepted our offer to join the Trustees. And, as a matter of priority, Leslie will assist us in managing a process to select a Green School Bali graduate so that we can add an alumnus member to the Trustee team by the end of Term One of the 2019-20 School year.

We would also like to inform you that Derek Montgomery, Orin Hardy and Tirka Widanti (Ibu Ika) have stepped down as Trustees, and in relation to this news we share the following: Derek will continue in his role as interim Managing Director, with a focus on leading day-to-day operations and supporting Sal, Kate, Wayan and the rest of our fantastic team as we begin the new School year; Orin will continue as a respected and honored member of our community, and focus on his role as the steward and leader of our friends, neighbors and partners in making our world sustainable at Green Camp, Bamboo U and Kul Kul Farm; and

In considering the tiers of Governance, we believe it is timely at this stage of the School’s growth, and a sensible approach, to separate the handling of issues relating to Indonesian legal compliance for Yayasans and local governmental relations, from that of the management of the School itself.

To this end, we have asked Ibu Ika to chair what we will now refer to as our Yayasan Board (Pengurus). The focus will be on Yayasan Kul-Kul’s governmental relations, legal compliance programs, local community relations and cultural activities with a goal of maintaining the School’s standing, reputation and freedom to operate in Indonesia. The Trustees would like to recognize and thank Derek, Orin and Ibu Ika for both their past and continued service to our entire community of learners.

In the coming months, we will also be engaging in a process to select a talented individual who brings Indonesian culture, and has experience in education, sustainability or institutional development, to step into the seat on the Trustees team vacated by Ibu Ika’s departure. The new Board of Learners (Dewan Sekolah/School Board) will sit as a central piece of the refreshed Governance structure, bringing together and reflecting the key stakeholders of our community. The Board will be empowered to make the student-centred decisions needed to deliver the agreed strategy and annual plans. It will support, monitor progress and drive implementation of the School’s strategic goals and operational targets.

We advised in our last update that Kate Druhan, previous Chair of the Board of Management and current Head of People and Community, will lead and support the establishment of the Board of Learners. The Board will be a combination of elected community members (one teacher, the GSPA Chair and two students) as well as appointed community members who have the skills and experience to support both our strategic priorities and reflect our place here in Bali. In next week’s newsletter, Kate will share the selection criteria and process for community members to express their interest in serving on the Board, with the Trustees taking the final decision on the appointment of non-elected community members.

Finally, we note that the Green School Executive Committee (GSEC), which is comprised of the School leadership team including the Managing Director and Heads of Departments and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the School, will continue to operate on the same basis as it has for the past three years.

To review the refreshed Governance Structure and Policy (passcode: GCimpact2020) in full, you can visit the School Blog. As the refreshed model comes to life, we will share updates from time to time, noting that the Trustees’ role is strategic in nature and that much of the action going forward will be at Board of Learners level.

To help us to continue to understand and respond to issues of interest to the community relating to governance, you can write to Questions raised via this account will be collated and the key issues distilled, and responded to, in future newsletter updates from the Trustees.

Warm regards, Board of Trustees, Green School Bali

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