#V20: V is for VOICES!

Green School has once again joined in the global movement to end violence against women and girls. Thank you to all who took part in this year’s event! All of the efforts have raised more than 15,000,000Rp for Bali Street Mums and PKP Women’s Centre!

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s event:


In typical Green School fashion, students were involved in projects before, during and after VDay, with the intention of making the experience meaningful for all participants. Ibu Emily, Pak Dan and many other members of the community worked with the 2018 Green School V-Day Committee to prepare and facilitate this year’s festivities. Students began the block by researching issues related to gender-based violence internationally and locally here in Indonesia. They then worked together to brainstorm creative ideas to make the event meaningful for the whole community and benefit our local partners working to further the rights of women and children here on island.

Ibu Ida and Ibu Ika on RRI for Vday

Representatives from the V-Day committee, Ibu Ida and Ibu Ika worked to promote V-Day and raise awareness about violence against women on Indonesian public radio ‘RRI’ on February 12th. One of the main highlights of the interview was the discussion about sex education in Indonesia and how it relates to the VDay movement worldwide.

VDay 2018 Video


One Billion Rising Dance

Bringing everyone in the Green School community together in a powerful act of activism and art, students, teachers, staff and parents created a huge heart on the field and danced together along with millions of people worldwide rising through dance!


In anticipation of our school’s sixth annual V Day event, the V Day committee hosted a school-wide poetry contest. We collected submissions from Primary School, Middle School and High School. The themes were differentiated by grade level: Love and Friendship (Primary) and Violence Against Women (Middle/High School).

All of primary submissions are featured on the walls near FREAK. Some select middle and high school submissions were included in a book created by the VDay committee. The book was sold to raise funds for organization working for women’s rights here on island.

#V20   – The Movement is Unstoppable!

This year marked the 20th anniversary of VDay and Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues. To mark this special occasion, the VDay committee worked really hard to make sure this year felt inclusive to all members of our community. They chose to host a special series of workshops in the morning, a community assembly in the afternoon, and a dynamic evening performance with music, poetry and monologues. We were so surprised to wake up on the morning of February 14th to find a special message from Eve Ensler herself commending our community for our dedication to this movement over the years! Her words were an inspiration to everyone. Thank you Eve!

Even more, members of our VDay team collaborated with other schools on island and across the archipelago to spread awareness and share resources for planning and facilitating VDay events. We were so enthused to host Pelangi school here on campus! And, for the first time ever, the Sumba Hospitality Foundation hosted a dynamic VDay event, complete with performances, dance, local organizations and workshops. Check out some of the photos here!

The movement is growing – and the more we rise together in solidarity, the more it becomes unstoppable!

Thank you Green School!

2018 VDay Committee

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