Visit from Fuji Kindergarten

This week has been a special week for our school, especially for Early Years. We were visited by the principal of Fuji Kindergarten Tokyo, Mr. Kato and his wife. I met Mr. Kato when I visited Fuji School last year. The purpose of this visit was to enhance the relationship between Green School Bali and Fuji Kindergarten Tokyo. During this visit, Principal Kato expressed his interest in establishing a more formal relationship between our educational institutions in order to foster better cooperation in the future. It was a pleasure for us too to have such a kind offer from such an inspiring school like Fuji Kindergarten.

They ended the visit after joining the community blessing ceremony on Monday afternoon.

The architect of the Fuji Kindergarten, Takaharu Tezuka did an inspiring TED Talk on the design process. You can find his talk here:

Thank you Principal Kato and the Fuji School team for your inspiring visit.

–Ibu Suci, Head of Early Years Programme

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