Waste Categories in KemBali

Hello GS community, have you bring all your waste to our recycling center? We would like to invite you to bring and sort all your waste to be recycled. We have 21 categories of waste and we will remind you what are those categories. Some of people still sort the waste to wrong bin, that’s why we will explain again. Here are the categories of waste in KemBali:

  1. Organic waste : this is your leftover food, leaves, and plants (the bins are outside KemBali)

  2. White paper : hvs, thin paper

  3. Brown paper : thin brown paper, newspaper

  4. Duplex : cardboard, duplex, colored paper, magazine paper,

  5. Tetrapak : milk cardboard, juice cardboard

  6. Brown cardboard

  7. Plastic bottle : all bottles from plastic

  8. Plastic cup : all transparent cups from plastic

  9. Teh gelas : colored plastic cup

  10. Plastic bag : all transparent plastic bags, both white and colored

  11. Hard plastic : bottle lid, bottle of shampoo, harder than bottle plastic

  12. White transparent bottle : all white transparent bottles from glass

  13. Colored Bottle : all colored glass bottle

  14. Green Bottle : all green glass bottle

  15. Jar : made from glass

  16. Can : all cans made from aluminum, steel, tin, metal

  17. Sampah : waste that cannot be recycled, it will go to landfill, including colored plastic, food packaging, tissue, styrofoam, mika

Also, your preloved that we will resell at KemBali Thrift Shop

  1. Cloth

  2. Book

  3. Household Equipment

  4. Electronic equipment

Please clean and dry all your waste before you sort into KemBali recycle bins. We also accept your preloved things in KemBali Thrift Shop. Please bring clean dan good preloved to us. Don’t forget count yourself to KemBali Corner Board after you sort the waste.

Together we work toward zero waste!

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