We are slowing down...20/04/20

Dear Middle School,

We have all been trying something so new to all of us, and it's been challenging. We have heard that it's been too much for many of our students so this week we will be scaling back and posting once per week per subject.

We hope that this will allow for less information to be coming into google classrooms (which then lands as a notification in your inbox and looks like LOADS of emails). If it feels overwhelming, please email the teacher of that class. If it feels like some extension is needed, the teacher of that class can provide this.

AS this looks to be almost the whole term we need to work this out, together. Parents, I will be hosting Coffee Talks tomorrow at 9.30am and 3.30pm to talk through some of these points. Students, remember you have Social Emotional class where you can also speak about any concerns, or Ibu Sanna is here to help you manage your time.

All our love and support,

Ibu Nicola and the MS team

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