We Did It!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for another wonderful and productive school year.  We can’t thank everyone enough for your endless hours of volunteering, organising, donating and doing whatever was necessary to support students—both at home and at school.  Special thanks to our Class Ambassadors who, as usual, went above and beyond the call of duty to provide whatever was necessary to add to our students’ already rich school experience.

We thank all the specialists, learning supports, classroom assistants and operational staff for the work they have done throughout the year, continuously in their approach to the students. Thanks and well done to an incredible group of professionals.

A final word to Grade 5 students:  Thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year.  We are so honoured to be your classroom teachers; you make us proud to be your teachers. You keep us laughing and young at heart.  We are grateful for your joy, astute insights and amazing talents.

We say goodbye to you who are moving on to Middle School. Equally we must also say goodbye to you who are leaving the school, to take another adventure elsewhere; our very best wishes go with you.

We hope that you all will remember grade 5 Green School’s with affection and pride, as we do to you.

Everyone have a safe and happy summer break.

Grade 5 Team

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