We Had a Fantastic Week in Grade 2!

Dear All,

“Can we go to the garden now?” asked Mika excitedly! We have gardening for our Morning Community every Wednesday and the children have a chance to harvest the chilli and Rosella, watering and tidying up the bed. We also have a fun and sweaty but good time during nature walk activity around the campus, we tried to walk to different directions so we could experience different spots and we could collect things that is attractive and present it to the class afterwards. Dancing is one of our favourite movement in class, we go on youtube and find “just dance” and follow their moves, it is super energetic! Monday’s Show and Tell was a blast this week, Yuzan brought in his cute, little puppy! And of course, other children showed something special as well!

In Thematic, we started to collect small money for The Smile Shop project, here is the link for more details information http://senyumbali.org/the-smile-shops.php

In Grade 2 Putih, we started our art project with Word Savers portrait, we made a jigsaw face art where we divided one portrait into four pieces and work together to create a creative 3D art! After that, we will continue to write facts about those four World Changers and what good impacts that they create for animals, other people and the environment and why we call them a hero!

Maths this week was super yummy and edible! We made fraction pancakes! We divided our pancakes into smaller parts and put toppings on the top of each part and figured out what fraction it is! If wee eat that smaller part, what faction left? We love it so much!! We also reviewed four processes through story problems with one or two processes in one story.

In Literacy, we write about World Savers writing and started imaginative wring! We have guided reading and phonics focus in our rotations this week. Reading in the garden is our favourite!

In Bahasa this week, we learned about weathers and wrote about Weather Broadcast around the World! They were very keen to know the real weather in their home country! We played splat and four corners to enhance our memory which is the best part of the lessons! In Indonesian Studies, we explored Bajau Tribe who are nomad and live on the sea shore! They are very amazing diver! And be able to be under the water for 12 minutes with google only! Please ask your child more about them! We spent our time to make our version of Bajau’s fishing spear! We enjoyed it so much and in the end, we presented it to the class! everyone has creative and outstanding ideas and designs! We used banana stalks and satay sticks to make it!


Best Regards,

Grade 2 Team

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