We made it!

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

We have been very motivated, inspired and grateful for this year with our students, your children.

They have been so full of energy, and happy to learn and come to school, that it makes every day a special adventure. We are proud to see them leave Grade 3 with confidence, a flexible mindset, strong relationships, more mindful and compassionate and with lots of valuable experiences and GS skills.

These last weeks have been packed with school events. We visited and learned from the different rites of passage in school: Footprint, Quest, Greenstone, we celebrated full moon ceremony and much more. Many of the Middle and High school students mentioned Grade 3 in their projects, which shows how we welcomed and shared knowledge with other LNs.

For the thematic “Changemakers”, the students have been designing and creating board games which help us know ourselves and each other better, build relationships and community and manage our emotions. They have been integrating knowledge and synthesizing their social-emotional experiences! 

Last week we had Penelope visiting us and facilitating the Council of all the beings in Putih. We represented a being or thing in nature and spoke for them in the council. It had an impressive effect on growing our empathy and system thinking.

During Math and Literacy, we have been writing stories with nature prompts and calculating fractions to scale. In Bahasa we have learned to interview and graph answers about food and drinks.

Thank you again for all the trust and support for a great year together! We are also very grateful for the beautiful photo and letter album gift made by the kids with such dedication and love.

We will miss each of them deeply and wish them a great journey ahead!

Sampa Jumpa Lagi Semuanya and have a Happy Holiday!!!

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