Week 1, 2 in 3B

Dear all parents and families,

The first week of the first semester has been down smoothly. We are still waiting for some friends to arrive and join us in a fun and educational journey in 3B.

Last week we have started our new theme entitled ” Local Foods and Farming”. This new integrated theme will focus on Farming, Sustainability living and food system, which includes:

How do food systems sustain us?

What are the impacts of food systems in a culture?

How do food systems impact culture?

What are the impacts of a food system?

What do food and farming tell about a culture? Impact a culture?

Where does food come from?

As a start, we explore plants that Balinese can’t live without. There four essential plants that support Balinese live, they are Coconut, Banana, Bamboo and Rice. We have explored Banana and coconut by doing some activities, such as: oil making, roof and coconut leave decoration and Banana cake.

In Math : we reviewed shapes in different activities.

In Literacy we shared our holiday by playing a game called “so you said” game.

Bahasa and Budaya Indonesia: we reviewed means of transportation, learning new words through transportation theme song and making self miniature which the body covered with our holiday story in Bahasa Indonesia and mix language.

This week:

Thematic: Story of rice, rice art and Farmer Game which includes Math and problem solving skill. This game is an on going game which we will played every Thematic in a certain period of time.

Literacy : We have guided reading group, Grammar focus every Monday and Writing activity related to the reading every Friday.

Math : Simple basic division.

Bahasa : Public places (review) and giving direction.

Budaya Indonesia: Traditional game.

Terima kasih for reading,

Best regards,

3B team


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