Week 1 in Grade 1

Hello Grade 1 families,

We have had an exciting first week back at school. It sounds like you have all had wonderful holidays whether you stayed at home or went abroad. The children have come back to school looking rested, healthy and read for the second semester of Grade 1. We will continue writing weekly blogs to update you on the learning being done in each class.

Grade 1 had a successful first week experimenting with the Warung, Living Food Lab, Farm Stand and School lunch menus. Students have agreed to check the menu’s in the Heart of School before letting a teacher know they are heading up to the Warung areas. For the most part, students are making good food choices and seem to be aware of what an appropriate and healthy lunch portion should look like. Ice cream, chocolate and sugar drinks from Freak Coffee are only to be bought after school when they are in your care 🙂

In Wellness lessons we are learning more words for different feelings so please encourage your child to specific in identifying what they feel.

In Thematics, both classes are diving into the theme ‘Hari Raya’ which will cover special days celebrated in Bali and Indonesia. We will explore and celebrate Nyepi and the creation of Ogoh Ogoh’s as well as celebrate Chinese New Year. The theme for the Ogoh Ogoh’s this year is ‘Care For the Air’. We are hoping to have students from our KKC community join us in creating our Ogoh Ogoh and building it together. Also, we are hoping to take the students to visit a nearby banjar (village community) to see their Ogoh Ogoh in process and to learn more about how to build it. More information to come soon.

In Math, we are working on addition strategies, with a range of options suitable to the different levels of experience and competence of the learners. In addition (ha! pun intended), learners are playing math games and memorizing doubles up to 12 + 12 and ten friends (e.g. pairs of numbers that make ten). If you want to support learning at home, you can help practice these facts to increase fluency. Let us know if you have questions about how to do this.

In Literacy, the learners have written about their holidays as well as with paintings. Next week we will be working in three groups for Literacy stations.

Quiz time! Please have a chat with your children over the weekend and ask them if they can tell you all of the safe play areas during snack and lunch time play. Students are not to visit unsupervised areas during play time, specifically: the bridge (by the river), The Bridge (parents co-working space), Kembali and the IHub, Energy hub and the Yoga Studio. Thank you for your help in ensuring all students are playing in safe areas during play time. Snack: minifield, big field, sangkep, crystal, Heart of School, gym (eventually) Lunch: minifield, big field, sangkep, crystal, Heart of School, gym (eventually), library, art room

Grade 1 Merah Specifics: We are so happy to have June and his family join us at Green School. Please reach out to say hello to them, if you have the chance.

Grade 1 Putih Specifics: Today we are beginning the sale of our ‘Meryposa Learns About the Gifts From the Earth’ books. There are only 25 to be sold today and the money raised will go towards printing another batch of books to be ready for the next Farmers Market. If you do not get a book today and want to reserve one from the next batch, please print your name and email on the list available on the table at the farmers market. All of the proceeds will be donated to help the people of Lombok following the devastating earthquake. We are also having a used clothing drive so please send any used clothing to school so that we can also donate this on to Lombok.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

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