Week 1 in Term 2 – 3B Snapshot

Dear parents and families,

The first week of term 2 has been down nicely. We have started our new Thematic unit called “Measurement”. This unit has a strong maths focus with measurement and estimation. Maths in everyday life. Looking at the measures of calendars and time and how these are measured. Weight and capacity in everyday life and temperature measurements.

We started with the introduction of measurement using non-standard unit. The students were introduced to how different culture use different ways of measuring using their body part. This activity followed by the students measuring the width and the length of the classroom and weighing some objects using the non-standard units they have learn prior the activity. This activity was closed by having a discussion of why is that measuring technique is no longer used in our life?

To end the week in Thematic this week, the students were making a Sundial- old device in telling the time.

In Math, the students are learning rounding up and down to the closest ten. This topic is introduced in some strategies to give a wider chance for the students to understand the concept of rounding.

In Literacy, the students are doing descriptive writing with different theme.

In Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Culture, the students are continuing their learning about describing a physical appearances and started working on their family book.

Writing a story in Balinese characters and setting is the other activity they have done to build a connection with the island.

Next Week:

Thematic : The students will learn about telling time in analog/digital way.

Math : Continuing rounding, estimation and cooperate it in addition and subtraction.

Literacy: Constructing a paragraph, stretching sentences and non -Fiction writing

Bahasa Indonesia : Continuing the Family Book . Verbs to express family activities and emotions to express the feeling in the book.

Thank you for the parents who have sent their family photo. We are still waiting for the photos from the other family.

Indonesian Culture : Balinese traditional house and the philosophy behind it.

Coming up Events:

Friday, Oct 27th 2017 Bamboopalooza

We’re looking forward to seeing you at GS Bamboopalooza family festival this Friday, October 27th. There is an early Assembly on Friday, from 13:30-14:00. Parents of Primary students are invited to follow the Walking Gamelan procession out of assembly and into Heart of School (HOS), where they can collect their child from 14:00 onwards and join the Palooza celebrations on the field. Any Primary students not collected early by parents, will stay in HOS, where they can join the dancing, singing and creative activities until regular dismissal at 15:15. At 15:15 G3-G5 students will be dismissed and G1-G3 students will wait for parent/driver pick-up as usual.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Thank you.

Best regards,

3B team

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