Week 1 of Term 2 in Grade 1A

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you all had a wonderful break. We have heard all the stories from the break and students have come back calmer and with a new sense of confidence. We have been able to get right back into our routine without too many interruptions and it has been incredible to watch these little people turn into participating members of the Primary community.

In Literacy we are continuing to work in our leveled groups for instruction. Each day, each group has a chance to work with myself to review and introduce new sounds and words and to work on writing and recognition. Students then rotate to other centers to help consolidate their knowledge by practicing writing words with playdough, by listening to read alouds on the Ipad, by playing board games practicing letter recognition, by reading to themselves or with a partner, etc. I highly encourage you to continue nightly reading at home in order to give them that extra bit of practice. Please keep me informed of how that is going and if you feel the books are either too easy or too hard. We will also be beginning small guided reading groups with appropriately leveled groups from Grade 1B beginning next week. This will give students the chance to begin reading books in small group instruction in order to practice learned literacy skills and strategies.

In Math we have begun learning about 2D shape names and properties (sides, edges/corners, etc.) in Geometry. We have learned about circles, squares, triangles (equilateral, isosceles, scalene), rectangle, semi-circle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and octagon. Next week we will be learning about quadrilaterals (kite, rhombus, trapezoid, kite, diamond, etc). After we have finished 2D shapes, we will introduce students to 3D shapes (cube, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, etc.)

In Thematics students have been learning about Indonesian Fairy Tales in Dongeng Dari Indonesia and this week that learned about the story of a snail in Keong Mas.

Reminders for next week: – Library books must be returned on Monday – PE and Sport classes are on Tuesday and Thursday so students need hats, water bottles and shoes

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Grade 1A Team

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