Week 1 Term 2 in Grade 4


1. The dry season is predicted continuing until the end of November, please stay hydrated with water bottle handy to drink with. We are also firmly applying our hat policy this term, “With Hat, We play. So please remind your child to have hat to school every day.

2. Schedule is still the same as last term, Swimming on Mondays, PE on Tuesdays an jalan-Jalan Program on Thursdays.

3. Jalan- Jalan will start next Thursday. Please refer to Ibu Rachael emails for the options offered.

4. We will celebrate Halloween on Thursday Oct 31. The students, parents, teachers will be encouraged to come to school dressed up in costume; there will be no theme for dressing up. We encourage students not to bring fake (or real) weapons and costumes shouldn’t be too scary (bloody, gory, etc); preferable the up-cycled, home-made costumes. School will organise a ‘costume parade’ in the HOS at lunch-time. Be mindful that we are having jalan-jalan in the morning as well on that day.

It was the first week of term 2 but the children came to school ready and eager to experience another learning journey! What a learner community we have!

Thematics ~ We are starting a new topic this week, Gift from The Earth. We talked a lot about what the gift are given by the Earth to us while we were scouting the trail around campus. During our first trail, we were told that we have 72 batteries around campus to store the energy from the sun rays, aka solar panels. We tried hard to find the places where they are stored.  During our second trip, we saw a giant kapok tree which spouting its seeds and fluffy white kapok, were flown away by the breeze. It was a beautiful scene to witness! It looked like white Christmas here in Bali! Even this morning, we have some of them, flying inside our classroom! What a long journey they have!

Numeracy ~ We are focusing on Mental Math method this term. It is a practice of doing calculations in our head. It is often used as a way to calculate an estimate quickly through the use of math facts that have been committed to memory, such as in addition, subtractions and doubles facts.

Literacy ~ We are putting our head into a head of a reporter as we are starting our topic in writing an interview report. Each kid interviewed their classmate about their holiday break which later on will be their resources in writing their report writing.

Bahasa Indonesia ~ You probably are aware that grade 4 has four different levels of Bahasa group. They are Angsa, Beruang, Capung and Domba group. Ask your child which group s/he is. Angsa group works on number and objects in their classroom, Beruang group focuses on taste and names of some food, Capung group focuses on describing a food and working on big numbers in ribu and juta, while group Domba learnt some words for describing a place.

That’s all we could cover for this week blog and remember to stay hydrated while you are enjoying your weekend!

Grade 4 Team

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