Week 13 – Grade 2B

Performing our songs in Indonesian!

Dear Parents,

We have had another nice week here in our bamboo classroom of 2B. This week, we started spelling practice with “Look, Say, Cover, Write, and Check as well as continuing with our reading rotations. During reading rotations, we focus on writing, guided reading, phonics, and comprehension. This week was Ibu Nita’s turn with the Chrome books. The children use them each Tuesday during reading rotations now. The game “Kitten Hop” was an especially fun way to practice high frequency words.

During Math, the students are now adding both with and without regrouping with confidence. We have also continued with some math games and a bit of study on probability, just to keep things fun. This week we began subtraction with regrouping, which is a BIG challenge, but Grade 2B did a great job. Ask your child if they remember our chant and ‘dance’ to help them remember the steps!

During this week’s Teman Teman, we had some middle school visitors come to talk to our class all about friendship. Thanks to Ibu Nicola and her grade 7 students for sharing their great activity “compliment web”!

Our community time this week was spent sharing about our weekends, doing mindful coloring, reviewing the zones, and discussing responsibility.  We also enjoyed a story about a girl losing her tooth, which many of our students could relate to!

Thanks to Pak Oli for the great Science lessons. The children really enjoy them. He will continue to make great lesson to compliment our new thematic unit which is all about Mother Earth and Animals.

Bahasa Indonesian and Indonesian culture classes continue to go well with the children studying colors , how to make a traditional Javanese cake, and speaking sentences in Bahasa Indonesian.

Thanks Ibu Nita and Ibu Neni for the yummy Indonesian treat and lesson! We had Kue Bandros!


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