Week 2 and Sustainable Solutions Week (Next Week)

Dear Families,

What a week full of learning! Here are some updates from the class that Grade 3A would like to share with you.

Students continue with their work on their rice field to the harvesting stage. They can’t wait to see how’s the paddies grow and then to enjoy the rice.  They also worked on seeing how fruits and vegetables can be exchanged/traded to each other in fair and reasonable way.

Mathematics focus this week was to explore more about story problems, building students skill to be able to explain their strategies and to build their own story problems. They continued to practice their skip counting and multiplications facts.

During Literacy, students explored the concept of persuasion. How do we use facts and details to support our opinion? How can we get someone to change their minds? Persuasive letter writing is a new unit we are very excited about!

How to describe the physical features of people around you? How to use our body from head to toe appropriately and respectfully to communicate to other people? Students have learned this during Bahasa and Cultural Class. To describe how someone’s hair/rambut, mouth/mulut, legs/kaki, skins/kulit, body/badan, eyes/mata and eye lashes/eye lashes are, prefix ber-__ is added to the noun. For example: Zev bermata cokelat (Zev has brown eyes).  Francesca berambut pirang dan keriting (Francesca has blonde and curly hair).

Reminders for next week:

  1. Sustainable Solutions week. As you might have heard already or read from the school blog, next week is another special week. Sustainable Solutions! There will be so many talks and activities that you can join.  It is open for everyone to come and you can come with families and friends on Monday to Friday, April 16-20th in the afternoons.  See the activities in detail from this website

  2. Full week of school and normal dismissal time for students.

  3. The class timetable will be different than usual due to several activities and workshops that 3A students will be attending.

  4. Friday:Whole School Assembly to celebrate Sustainable Solutions and GS 10 Year Anniversary

  5. Bring library books and change it during break times during the week. Friday will be a busy day as the class will join the community trash walk in the morning.

Thank you.

3A Team


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