Week 2 – Experiential Learning At Its Finest

Hello, Grade 5 Parents!

This week has been one of interactive and group learning in class. Across all classes, students have engaged in hands-on learning and group discussion that has enriched their learning experiences.

In maths, students began building 3D shapes, the dimensions for which were calculated at a specific ratio (chosen by die roll) from nets the students chose earlier.  Following construction, students calculated the surface area of their chosen shape.

In Literacy, students continued with their group reading of Kensuke’s Kingdom.  Reading was sometimes aloud, at other times silent.  Students were then asked comprehension questions and to make predictions based on the events of the story and the characters’ traits.

In Bahasa Indonesia, students were learning about family vocabulary and talking about relationships between relatives.

In Green Studies, the students used banana stalks to create paper.

In our Tanah Indah thematic, the nations built shelters, using tools obtained by lottery.  They then traded for tools they needed and purchased supplies for their shelters. The nations then had to design their shelters as a team and construct them, while at the same time calculating the area and perimeter of the structure.  Later in the week, the shelters were tested for stability, capacity, and water resistance to prepare them for the start of rainy season.  As you can see, the water resistance might require some work:

The week ended with a talk from Sylvia Earle, a marine biologist, explorer, author and lecturer. She is truly inspirational and the students sat in rapt attention…even while wearing their Halloween costumes!

Overall, it was a challenging but enjoyable week.  We look forward to carrying on with many of these lessons next week.  We wish you all a restful and relaxing weekend.

Best regards,

The Grade 5 Team

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