Week 2 in 2A

Dear 2A community,

This week we welcomed another new student, Aaron, into our 2A community. He is from America and we are excited to have another boy join our class! If you see him or his family around campus, please help to make them feel very welcome.

In our mindfulness community time on Thursday, we practiced ‘sending kind thoughts’ through letter writing. Each student got a paper with a classmate’s name on and they mindfully wrote or drew something to make them feel loved and welcomed.

In maths this week, we begun a new topic- MULTIPLICATION. For most students this is a new concept and they are excited to move up into the status of being able to do multiplication! This week we’ve talked about and explored with manipulatives and pictures that multiplication is repeated addition. We did a nice art work piece on Friday which is inspired by Waldorf’s approach to multiplication to show repeated addition.

We usually begin our maths sessions with some mental maths games, either on the computer or group games. On Tuesday we played our 1,2,3 go! game where we work with a partner and put out fingers on either one or two hands then have to add them together as quickly as we can. We even had a group that wanted to work in a 4. We worked out the biggest addition sum would equals 40. This is a fun game to play at home for a little bit of home learning practicing quick addition recall to 20.

In literacy, we have created a new schedule where on Mondays we focus on writing skills, Tuesday and Friday we complete literacy rotations including phonics and reading groups, Wednesdays we focus on a ‘book skill’ and on Thursdays we go to Library. It’s been great to see our students progressing in reading (this week I’ve completed reading assessments) and it’s lovely to see students working well in groups as we challenge ourselves to be progressing readers and writers.

In Thematics, we have begun a new topic on World Savers. These are people who help the environment, animals and people. This week, we are studying World Savers who have dedicated their lives to helping animals. We learned about Jane Goodall this week and thought about what issues animals face. We considered what peaceful protests look like and sound like and then created posters of our own to fight peacefully against the issues animals face such as animal testing, deforestation, street animals and polluted oceans. On Friday afternoon, we will visit the Begawan Foundation to experience an example of animal warriors dedicating their time to helping the beautiful Bali starlings.

Ibu Neni works hard to bring us interactive and interesting Bahasa and Indonesian Culture Studies lessons each week. I love seeing the students practice their Bahasa in school and at break with our Indonesian staff. This is another great home learning opportunity to use language with others around us. We’re currently working on names for modes of transportation and writing sentences to show how and where we go. This week 2A have begun to build transportation from Kembali recycling materials. We’ll continue them next week.

We hope you have enjoyed the second week back at school. Your children have settled back quickly and are already back into our routines and schedules of the day. It is so helpful to have children in on time at 8:15 in the morning. We have many that enjoy coming a little early at 8 to play quietly or finish work before the day even begins! Having our students in on time helps them get started with the rhythm of the day and ensures they hear all morning news and the schedule for the day. We begin each day with ‘Community’ which is an important time as we work on creating a tight bond in our classroom community. If for an unforeseen reason your child is late, please have them come in quietly without disturbing the flow of our class that has already begun. Thanks for your support in this.

Schedule reminders:

-Monday, Thursday: sports/PE days. Please bring sports shoes, hat and a water bottle.

-Thursday: Library. Please return any borrowed books so they can take more out.

-Next week: We’ll begin back with home readers and spelling work. If your child has books at home they would rather read, that’s awesome. We’re flexible in how home readers are done but it’s important to complete 20 minutes of reading each evening in order for our budding readers to flourish.

And to finish, a message from Ibu Leslie:


Dear Green School Community,

As I mentioned in my last Newsletter article, we will have assemblies every other week this term.  The next upcoming assemblies are: Jan 26th,  Feb 9th, and Feb 23rd.  Keep your eye on the newsletter for more updates on these as well.  We are happy to consider context for the assemblies from our community.  So please feel free to email assembly@greenschool.orgwith your ideas.

However, on the days that we don’t have assembly, we encourage parents to come and hang out and get to know each other in the warung area.  We will pump some tunes out of the Sangkep and enjoy each other’s company.

Hope you are staying dry.




Looking forward to another great term together,

Ibu Emma, Ibu Neni and Ibu Risma

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