Week 2 of Semester 2 in Grade 1

Welcome back everyone!

We are anticipating a fun filled second semester of Grade 1 as we prepare to send our students off to be second graders!

In Thematics we have been exploring the world of our Healthy Bodies with a science focus. Students have enjoyed telling us about healthy and unhealthy (but within moderation) foods, they have reviewed and learned some more advanced body part names and they have drawn their body in an active state. Students have been working in small groups designing ‘My Body Map’ where they work together to trace a friend and then fill the body with internal organs and body parts. In this theme students will be introduced to the functions of the lungs, heart and brain and they will also learn about and get to experience the 5 Senses. Students will get to try their hand at building models of the lungs, brain and heart in smaller groups with all of Grade 1.

In Math we have begun the Semester by learning about Measurement. Students have learned important vocabulary to describe length and have used different units of measurement to describe what they are measuring. They worked in pairs to measure eachothers forearm, head, shoulders, legs, height, etc. We had a quick introduction to Subtraction at the beginning of the Semester and beginning next Monday we will go back to that topic. We will be exploring subtraction through stories and working on strategies such as counting back and counting on in leveled learning groups.

In Literacy, we have been reviewing 5 Star Sentences (a proper sentence must: Begin with a capital letter, finish with a full stop/period, use neat handwriting, use finger spaces and make sense) and we will ease back into our leveled Literacy groups on Monday. Since the beginning of the Semester students have been practicing their writing skills by writing about their holidays and they have been creating books about themselves where they write about their families, what they are good at and what they want do when they are older. In most Literacy lessons to come, students will rotate through Daily 5 stations where they get to Meet the Teacher (work on phonics) Listen to Reading, Read to Self, Read to Someone (also Guided reading time), Work on Writing (write in their Journals) and Word Work (work on spelling and other literacy activities).

Reminders: – Library is on Monday for Grade 1A and on Friday and for Grade 1B, please return all books before then so your child can borrow a new book – PE is Tuesday and Thursday. In order to participate all students need running shoes, a water bottle and a hat. – Students should have a change of clothes packed in their bags everyday in case of accidents or muddy falls 🙂

Announcements: – There is NO ASSEMBLY tomorrow (Friday, January 19th). Assemblies will be every second Friday from now on so they will resume next Friday

Have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy your weekend!

The Grade 1 Team 🙂

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