Week 2 Term 2

Wow! What a fantastic jam packed week we have had!

For Thematics, our students have shown lots of excitement and are keen to learn more about our Earth. We have begun with focusing on the Earth’s 7 continents. We found the continent where we live and also the continent we’re from. On Thursday we used clay to create land forms such as waterfalls, deserts, plains, volcanoes, forests and lakes. Have a look at what we created.

In math this week we also started looking at subtraction with regrouping. We got out the math manipulatives to work out what happens when we borrow a ten then learnt a fun chant to remind us of the steps.

“Bigger on top, don’t stop”

“More on the floor, go next door and add 10 more”

Our literacy classes are moving forward nicely too. This week in Writing focus, we thought about adjectives and how they spice up our writing. In our writing,  we have been going back and adding adjectives to add more details. We are working on our phonics sounds to improve our writing and reading. I love seeing the leaps and bounds of improvement thanks to all this hard work (and also fun!)

In Bahasa Grade 2 has been learning all sorts of noun words, we have labelled items around our classroom to help us remember.

Special guests:

On Monday we were lucky enough to have a special visit from artist and ocean lover Courtney Mattison. We learnt more about her work and discussed Climate Change/Coral Reefs/etc.  Courtney’s journey of combining her love of the ocean as a diver and as a ceramic artist gave life to many reef art installations that demonstrated the need to save our coral habitats around the world.  Throughout her journey she has developed many connections within Indonesia. Courtney’s current work within Indonesia and the Coral Triangle inspired her to create an art installation which is at the CORAL TRIANGLE CENTRE in Sanur.  The children were fascinated and had many interesting questions to ask.

Here is a recent article about Courtney Mattison and ceramic coral reef work:


On Wednesday we had a very special guest. Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist, explorer, author and lecturer.  With a wealth of wisdom and achievement at the age of 83, Sylvia came to our assembly and engaged with students from geckos to students from grade 12.


Find her doco here too:  https://mission-blue.org/about/

Bio: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Sylvia-Earle

To celebrate Halloween Grade 2 had a guest reader Ibu Audrey,  who came to act out a Halloween Story. 

A few notes to make:

-3:15 pm is pick up time from the heart of school, from 3:30 children that haven’t been picked up by then will be taken to the library for parent pick up there.

–It is so helpful to have children in on time at 8:15 in the morning. We have many that enjoy coming a little early at 8 to play quietly or finish work before the day even begins! Having our students in on time helps them get started with the rhythm of the day and ensures they hear all morning news and the schedule for the day. We begin each day with ‘Community’ which is an important time as we work on creating a tight bond in our classroom community. If for an unforeseen reason your child is late, please have them come in quietly without disturbing the flow of our class that has already begun. Thanks for your support in this.

Some important weekly dates to note are:

-Please have your child wear closed trainers/sports shoes on the days they have Sport/Physical wellbeing.

-Please work with your child to help them be responsible for returning books during our library period and also their home readers each morning.

Thank you for your partnership in these things!

Please see below  the Grade 2 Cycle 2 Schedule. Grade 2 Schedule Cycle 2 (1)

Best Regards,

Grade 2 Team

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