Week 2 Updates in Grade 1

Good afternoon Grade 1 families,

Students have come back from the break having consolidated many of their learned proficiency skills so we are off and running preparing them to head to Grade 2.

In Thematics we have begun learning about Insects. Students have learned insect body parts, names and habitats. They have been busy building Terrariums and Insect Hotels to house the insects they are catching around campus. Next week students will be learning step by step drawing of insects which will lead into simple report writing in the weeks to come.

In Math we have been working on double digit addition and regrouping to 10 in order to help with mental math strategies. Students have been using their understanding of place value in order to regroup sets of ten followed by ones. We will continue working in leveled groups working on double digit addition and subtraction into next week.

In Literacy students have been working in leveled groups on guided reading, working on handwriting skills and writing about the process of creating their terrariums and insect hotels. We want to remind families that we are busy preparing students to head into Grade 2 and though we do not assign any homework, we are strongly encouraging nightly home reading with your child. Please return their Home Reading Book daily in order for them to bring home a new book on their level. They should reading to you on a nightly basis in order to consolidate all literacy skills learned at school and to increase their confidence and fluency in literacy. If you have misplaced the book, please contact your child’s teacher and they will direct you to the school librarian to pay for the book. Once payment has been made, your child may begin borrowing books again. Thank you for your understanding and Happy Home Reading!

Next week is Sustainable Solutions at Green School so it will be jam packed full of different experiences for our students. They will be showing others how to create terrariums and insect hotels, practicing insect drawings, participating in a yoga teacher training yoga session, etc.


– It is HOT, HOT, HOT. Please always send your child to school with a full water bottle. We are constantly stopping classes and reminding them to drink so having water bottles on hand helps this process – PE and Sport classes are Tuesday and Thursday, please bring socks and sports shoes – There is NO school assembly tomorrow, pick up is from the Heart of School as normal

Have a lovely end of the week!

The Grade 1 Team

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