Week 23 Grade 2B

Making paper Lanterns for Chinese New Year

Dear Parents,

Grade 2B continues to make good progress with our learning in a variety of subjects, from specialists to Bahasa, Indonesian Culture to thematic studies. The children have done a great job with Multiplication and really made good gains in this area.

Multiplication with bottle caps!

This week will find us finishing up our coin drive of “Small Money for Big Smiles”. Thank you very much for your support! The children did a wonderful job of collecting coins, making containers from recycled materials and making posters to spread the message. Way to go, Grade 2B heroes!

Reading buddies before school had even started!

Practicing our dance moves to Break the Chain!

Ibu Nita requests that you send in any used and unwanted newspaper from home to use in building our Ogoh Ogoh! Thanks! Have a great weekend. Grade 2B Team of Ibu Nita, Ibu Desy and Pak Jerry

Collecting Coins


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