Week 3 in 2A.. World Savers in Training!

Hi 2A community,

We’ve had a busy, challenging and fun filled week!

We continue to work on multiplication in maths this week. Just so parents are aware, this is an introduction to multiplication, so we’re not expecting students to memorize lists of times tables. Rather, we are exploring multiplication as repeated addition (eg 4×3 is 4+4+4). We are also exploring skip counting and expect our students to be able to say the 2, 5 and 10 times tables by skip counting. If your child is ready to begin to memorize tables or explore other times tables we support that both in class and as home learning! We’ve been working in groups this week, completing written work and exploring multiplication through games.

Math challenge papers and online games in the library to practice multiplication. Some students wanted the links to practice at home so here they are:




In literacy, we’ve been very busy writing this week. I’m excited to see our budding writers as we connect sight words and phonics to create written pieces. On Monday we wrote a personal narrative on how we were once a World Saver and helped an animal and on Wednesday we wrote summaries of stories we read in groups.

We have begun to send ‘home readers’ home. If your child has not taken a book home this is because they expressed that they want to read books from home. If they are not changing books regularly enough, drop me an email. We’re giving the children responsibility over when they change home readers but if they need a helping hand please do get in contact!

Thematics time has brought some really interesting learning and discussions as we think about how World Changers help people who are being treated unfairly. On Wednesday we discussed Malala’s story and how she raised her voice to help girls who cannot have access to education. It was inspiring to see the children’s passion in how unfair this is and we discussed the character of BRAVERY. World Changers are brave and stand up for what they believe is right. We also linked this to our IRespect value of integrity.

On Thursday, we learned about the life of Ghandi and how he fought for what was fair and right PEACEFULLY. We discussed what a peaceful fight looks like and created some art work on PEACE. They will remind us to stand up for what is right in peace (which is also another of our IRespect values).

On Friday we’ll discuss Martin Luther King and his fight for what is fair for all people. We’ve been inspired to help others so look out for an announcement next week for a Grade 2 project.

From last week, here are pictures from our trip to Begawan Foundation. We learned about how the team cares for Bali starlings and the different issues they face.

Ibu Neni showed us how to make laklak in Indonesian Cultural studies. We learned about yeast/ragi and the process to create this delicious snack. And then, of course, we ate them!

We finished off our KemBali transportation in Bahasa class and named our vehicles. We have been practicing sentences such as “Saya naik bis ke pantai” or “Saya naik kereta ke Surabaya.”

And to finish, some of our recent art work. Beautiful quarter sunflowers made with Ibu Karen and animal protest posters made in Thematics class.

We hope you’ve had a fun filled week, just as we’ve had!

-Friday Assembly is ON this week.

A message from Ibu Karen in Art. “Please can your students bring in a ball of wool/yarn. We will be starting a sewing project in the next week that requires each child to have a ball of wool – any colour is fine.” You can find wool in Bintang supermarket or in art stores. Please bring them to our classroom and we’ll make sure they get to Art on Wednesday.

-Green School Book fair next week, come and buy some books!

Ibu Emma, Ibu Neni and Ibu Risma

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