Week 3 in 3B

Dear all parents and families,

Another educational yet fun week has been down. We had a lot of activities in Thematic that we called “Fun with Rice”. We have learnt the Balinese story of rice, making a rice art and we also learnt about Balinese Traditional Irrigation system, how the farmers share their work and share their resources.

In Math, the students are continuing their learning about division. We set some activities to let the students approach the lesson in different angle, like using manipulative, cards game, racing game and drawing.

In Literacy, the students are learning through different type of text to visualize, predict, infer and summarize.

In Indonesian Culture, the students are learning about different kinds of traditional games / toys that often played by local people. The students are also making up cycle toy that they can bring home or donate to Pre K.

Bahasa Indonesia: We are starting to have Pak Kadek, ART assistant to teach us a Balinese Farmer dance (related to the current Theme) for 2 days in a week so Bahasa Indonesia only 3 times 20 mins in a week starting last week. We have completed our Home to school Map with all the detail in the language and we started to write about in in a paragraph of how to get to school, how long does it take, who are they coming with? what time are they going? and what kinds of public places do they pass? and moving to giving direction in a simple way, belok kanan (turn right), belok kiri (turn left), lurus (go straight), disebelah kanan (on the right), disebelah kiri (on the left).

This week:

Thematic: Math integration: Scoop of rice — how many grains of rice is in one portion of rice. How many plants to you have to grow to get one portion of rice? AND Build a rice terrace on our garden –  Measuring, drain system, How many rice grains from one rice plant?

English and Math : Continuing last week topic.

Bahasa Indonesia: Money,  buying and selling.

Indonesian culture: Traditional Market, Making Class market, role playing.

Happy reading,


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