Week 3 in 5B

Hello Parents, What an eventful week we had last week! We celebrated Indonesian Independence Day on Wednesday with field games, traditional Indonesian games, and ended with delicious Indonesian snacks. All of primary participated in the games. We then had a beautiful ceremony on campus Friday and ended the eventful week with Saraswati ceremony on Saturday. This ceremony honours the goddess of knowledge, music, arts and wisdom.

getting ready for flag relay

sack race

spoon marble race

Thank you to all of the Indonesian teachers and staff for all of their handwork organising and preparing for these events.

We started our Teman Teman sessions last week with the lovely little Starlings. The grade 5B students and Ibu Russlee’s Starlings are buddying up once a week for one period. Last week was an introduction. The students got to visit early years and meet their little buddies. This week, the students launched their project- stories dictated and illustrated by the Starlings and written by grade 5’s. We hope to share these with you all soon!

some very good story tellers in Starlings

writing with their little buddies

Teman Teman in early years world.

Thematics got off to a great start! We did an activity last week where students discussed what identity means to them. We then discussed a little  about what perceptions and first impressions are. The students chose 1 little known fact about themselves to share with their peers, that they wouldn’t otherwise know just by looking at them. It was so interesting to hear what they chose to share and then of course guess what fact belonged to who! This week we will look at Identity a little deeper. We listened to a short story called Red: The Crayon. This beautiful short story is about a blue crayon who lives most of its life labeled a red crayon and believing it is a red crayon until one day it discovers what it really is- a blue crayon. The students will analyse the theme in this story and link it to our discussion on identity. This will lead us nicely to our next focus in thematics- who we are.

sharing our writing with our classmates


**Please make sure students come to school with their hats, water bottles and cards DAILY. **

Tuesday p2 and Wednesday p3– Sport and PE Day. Please make sure students come prepared with the appropriate gear on these two days.

Wednesday August 23rd- BSSA games 9/10 boys  and 9/10 girls playing away games. Boys will play at SLK and girls will play at Canggu Community School.

Friday September 1st– NO SCHOOL HOLIDAY

Thanks for reading!

Grade 5B Team


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